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The International Assessment and Review Process

The international assessment and review (IAR) process for developed country Parties aims to promote the comparability of efforts among all developed country Parties with regard to their quantified economy-wide emission limitation and reduction targets. 
The IAR process will be conducted under the Subsidiary Body of Implementation in two steps:


Multilateral Assessment


pdf-icon Modalities and procedures for the IAR

Next multilateral assessment process under the IAR

SBI 46, Bonn, Germany
12 and 13 May 2017
Working group session V

Revision of the modalities and procedures for the IAR 

The first round of the IAR was launched during SBI 41 in Lima (Dec. 2014). By SBI 44 (Bonn, May 2016) all Annex I Parties completed the first IAR round. Following the completion of the first round, Parties requested the SBI to revise the modalities and procedures used for the IAR, taking into account experience accumulated in the first round and Parties’ submissions, with a view to recommending the revised modalities and procedures for adoption at COP 23 (Nov. 2017). The secretariat received pdf-icon one submission, which came from the EU on its views on the revision of the modalities and procedures.